The PIK-UIDK/PL is a multifunctional system performing standard and non-standard tests to determine mechanical and petrophysical rock properties at reservoir conditions.


 The unit includes a chamber for the analysis of a сore strength properties at reservoir conditions. The chamber allows to generate three-axial core compression with deformation core measuring (elastic modulus) by direct method until the rock destruction by vertical loading. 

 The unit can be optionally completed with a modulus for the measurement of mechanical properties, permeability and compression of core samples while in contact with the fluids injected in layer.

 Additional ultrasound system of measuring the velocity of longitudinal (P) and transverse (S) waves in rock samples allows to perform simultaneous measurement of mechanical properties by static and dynamic methods.

The system corresponds to all technical requirements and conditions of Russian standards and International Society for Rock Mechanics (ISRM) for three-axial testings of rock samples.


Установка для исследования прочностных свойств керна «ПИК-УИДК/ПЛ»
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Received data:
  • variation of sample dimensions in the process of testing compression 
  • compression strength
  • Young's modulus and Poisson's ratio
  • unit toughness required for destruction 
  • velocity of longitudinal (P) and transverse (S) acoustic wave transmissions in soft samples (soil) and solid rock samples
  • porosity depending on the pressure variations 
  • core liquid permeability with all-round pressing with back pressure
Программное обеспечение



Technical specifications 



Unit for core strength properties analysis 
The unit includes: core strength chamber, the system of supply and maintenance of confining pressure, the system of a sample axial loading, the system of data acquisition and analysis 
Core dimensions 
  • ∅30 mm; 60±10 mm long
  • ∅38,1 mm;  80±10 mm long
  • ∅50 mm;  100±10 mm long
Uniform pressure to 80 MPa
Pore pressure to 40 MPa
Axial dead load up to 1000 kN
Speed of loading in relation to voltage  up to 60 MPa per minute 
Speed of loading in relation to deformation up to 5 mm per minute 
Material of the parts in contact with reservoir fluid  stainless steel
Operating temperature up to 150 °C
Automated control of axial and uniform confining pressure; ability to carry out testings with regulated voltage and deformation. .
10 outlet seals for the connection of various sensors built in a strength chamber (axial and circular strain sensors) 
5 pressure ports (axial, uniform, bottom pore, top pore, and reset) 
Axial load control  (force sensor)
Built-in system for the control of axial and transverse deformations 
The system is intended for the control of axial and transverse (hoop) strains in a strength chamber. 
Type of deformation detectors  LVDT, connected via the all-in-one data collecting board 
Operating range of detectors  ±2,5 mm
Accuracy of detectors  0,002 mm
Device for axial deformation measurement  Two LVDT sensors and a set of installer rings for their installation on the opposite sides of a sample 
Device for lateral (hoop) strain  LVDT sensor, roller chain and a device for sensor installation.
Pore pressure block (optional)
It includes pumps for permanent pore pressure maintenance, maintenance of permanent pore liquid consumption, block for differential pressure measurement, and automated back pressure regulating valve.  
Reservoir fluid output from 0,001 to 15 ml/min
Accuracy of output maintenance  0,5% of the current value 
Pore pressure up to 40 MPa
Accuracy of pressure maintenance   0,5% of Upper range limit
Differential pressure sensor  measuring range 1 MPa
Основная приведенная погрешность 0,1%
Operating environment water with mineralization up to 300 g/l, oil 
Maintenance of a constant pressure drop with a sample due to liquid flow control. 
Determination of pump fluid volumes 
Ultrasound measuring system of longitudinal and transverse wave velocity 


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